appropr 2-3 YEARS 4-5 YEARS make bed pick up toys and books put laundry in hamper help feed pets help wipe up messes dust put socks on hands clearset table load dishwasher empty silverware from dishwasher take laundry to laundry room match socks & fold put away laundry straighten room get the newspapermail 6-8 YEARS 9-11 YEARS empty dishwasher clean bathroom sinks & counters sort laundry by colors help pack school lunches pull weeds & rake leaves water plantsflowers collect trash from wastebaskets clean toilets take trash to curb Vacuum mop floors mow grass food preperation wash cut dice measure walk pet baby-sit siblings wash windows iron clean interiorexterior of car cook simple meals laundry clean refrigerator make grocery list O 2014 Sports Mom Survival Guide Meant to send this to my pregnant friend but after her recent complaint about her husband's mess I really want to accidentally send it to him instead D Meme

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