Approval Not Required SELECTIVE SERVICE SYSTEM FERVIC ORDER TO REPORT FOR INDUCTION Local Board No 54 Monmouth County The President of the United States 3333 Route 9 Freehold New Jersey To John Doe LECAL BOAND STAMP 20 Church Ln January 7 2020 Manalapan NJ 07726 Date of mailing SELECTIVE SERVICE NO 69 420 50 665 GREETING You are hereby ordered for induction into the Armed Forces of the United States and to report at 3333 Route 9 Chadwick Square Mall Unit 16 Freehold NJ 07728 7 AM February 20 2020t on Hour Date Regina Preterot for forwarding to an Armed Forces Induction Station Mambar-or elerk of Lohl Board IMPORTANT NOTICE Read Each Paragraph Carefully IF YOU HAVE HAD PREVIOUS MILITARY SERVICE OR ARE NOWA MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL GUARD ORA RESERVE COMPONENT OF THE ARMED FORCES BRING EVIDENCE WITH YOU IF YOU WEAR GLASSES BRING THEM IF MARRIED BRING PROOF OF YOUR MARRIAGE IF YOU HAVE ANY PHYSICAL OR MENTAL CONDITION WHICH IN YOUR OPINION MAY DISQUALIFY YOU FOR SERVICE IN THE ARMED FORCES BRING A PHYSICIAN'S CERTIFICATE DESCRIBING THAT CONDITION IF NOT ALREADY FURNISHED TO YOUR LOCAL BOARD Valid documents are required to substantiate dependency elaims in order to receive basic allowance for quarters Be sure to take the following with you when reporting to the induction station The documents will be returned to you a FOR LAWFUL WIFE OR LEGITIMATE CHILD UNDER 21 YEARS OF AGE original certified copy or photostat of a certified copy of marriage certificate child's birth certificate or a publie or church record of marriage issued over the sig- nature and seal of the custodian of the church or public records b FOR LEGALLY ADOPTED CHILD-certified court order of adoption c FOR CHILD OF DIVORCED SERVICE MEMBER Child in custody of person other than elaim- ant-1 Certified or photostatic copies of receipts from custodian of child evidencing serviceman's contributions for sup- port and 2 Divorce decree court support order or separation order d FOR DEPENDENT PARENT-affidavits establishing that dependency Bring your Social Security Account Number Card If you do not have one apply at nearest Social Security Adminis- tration Office If you have life insurance bring a record of the insurance company's address and your policy number Bring enough clean elothes for 3 days Bring enough money to last 1 month for personal purchases This Local Board will furnish transportation and meals and lodging when necessary from the place of reporting to the induction station where you will be examined If found qualified you will be inducted into the Armed Forces If found not qualified return transportation and meals and lodging when necessary will be furnished to the place of reporting You may be found not qualified for induction Keep this in mind in arranging your affairs to prevent any undue hard- ship if you are not inducted If employed inform your employer of this possibility Your employer can then be prepared to continue your employment if you are not inducted To protect your right to return to your job if you are not inducted you must report for work as soon as possible after the completion of your induction examination You may jeopardize your reemployment righta if you do not report for work at the beginning of your next regularly scheduled working period after you have returned to your place of employment Willful failure to report at the place and hour of the day named in this Order subjects the violator to fine and impris- onment Bring this Order with you when you report If you are so far from your own local board that reporting in compliance with this Order will be a serious hardship go immediately to any local board and make written request for transfer of your delivery for induction taking this Order with you 0-78-I U GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE I SsS Form 152 Revised -as-45 Previous printinga may be uned until exhauated YSTEN Later virgins šŸ˜Ž Meme

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