AR wwwnoahs-arko Among our Motley Crew at Noah's Ark are several adorable miniature horses The first recorded mention of a miniature horse or 'mini' in America came in 1888 when a lone mini measuring just 31 inches tall at the withers the top of the shoulder was discovered among a heard of Shetland ponies He was given the name Yum Yum Just like smaller dogs tend to live longer than larger breeds mini horses on average outlive their normal-sized brethren Their average lifespan is around 30 years old and the oldest known mini was a dwarf named Angel who was just under 2 feet tall and lived to be over 50 Thank you so much for your amazing kindness and generous support Without you our beautiful animals would not be able to call Noah’s Ark their home We are always extremely grateful for everything you do! From our pasture to yours have a great weekend! wwwnoahs-arkorg #NoahsArkAnimalSanctuary #BLT #ShareTheDream “Bringing Children & Animals Together” Meme

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