arahir i'm reading a very manly 1950s account of a hunt for el dorado but i'm thirty pages in and the narrator has already described hisS traveling companion as handsome 4 times extremely handsome twice exceedingly handsome once his voice as quietly husky and a husky whisper his fingers as long and deft his body as tall and cat-like and his eyes as some variation of ice-blue at least three times just men being dudes dudes being pals it's great this is great arahir Ever since he had aimed that gun at my throat I had liked him immensely And now I liked him even better oh my god arahir I awoke when a beam of light fell across my eyes Jorge had come into my room carrying a lighted candle I'm going with you he said quietly I can't pay you He smiled I thought I was a partner? OH MY GOD Source arahir 237937 notes The Road to Eldorado was very historically accurate Meme

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