Area 51 Raid Choose Your Fighter! made by uPKflashomega Stats Mid Attack Low HP Very High Speed Main Weapon Katana close range Special Ability Star Platinum punch one enemy over and over or Spirit Bomb Neckbeard powerful attack that takes 5 tums to charge Naruto Runner Stats High Attack Very High HP Very Low Speed Main Weapon Piss Bottles long range Special Ability REEEEEEEEE!!! Stuns all enemies Furry Stats High Attack Mid HP Mid Speed Main Weapon AR-15 long range Special Ability Pickup Truck Army run over enemies for high damage Kyle State Very Low Attack High HP High Speed Main Wea pon Paw Scatch clse angeand Fursuit ma lkes protective fursuit for tea mmate has both Special Wea pon uwu #nuzzles u* heale all teammates confuses enemiee Since the Area 51 raid is in a week I made a simple guide for the four default classes and their stats Meme

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