AREERS WITH STEM Code STreers Wlth Game-changing jobs Or tomorrow Combining-traditional cultural values with digital technologies p26 JUMP INTO Don't know what to do? Our has ogoga oui qwiz haTODAY'S all the answers p2o City vs Regional 7 very different paths to a coding career p14 COOLEST TECH JOBS eerswithSTEMcom Artificial intelligencel Creativityl Cybersecurity Start-ups! Culturel Google MARU NIHONIHO LISY KANIE GAMERS ELISSA HARRIS A FUN INTERACTIVE EXHIBITION RECOGNISES THE GROUNDBREAKING WORK BY WOMEN IN THE GAMES INDUSTRY e days of gaming being a boys-only zone are well and truly over Nearly half of all gamers are women and according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics the number of women working in the industry rose from 87% in 2011-12 to 15% in 2015-16 But there is still a long way to go and incidents like Gamergate-where female gamers and developers in the US were harassed and threatened for speaking out against sexism-give the industry a bad reputation An exhibition at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image ACMI called Code Breakers Women in Games aims to change that Ten female programmers producers designers and directors from Australia and New Zealand are featured and visitors can play their games which range from big studio releases like Little Big Planet and Tricky Towers through to more experimental titles As programmer Elissa Harris says in the exhibition One of the most important things for a child growing up is seeing people who look like them doing the things they want to be doing More diversity behind the scenes also leads to more diversity in the games themselves Protagonists in games used to be mainly men-now there is more variety in culture and race as well as gender For example Maru Nihoniho's Metio Interactive produces games with Mäori characters and players can choose to play in English or Te Reo Mãori And the good news is Australia is ahead of the curve when it comes to being inclusive Lisy Kane was the first female hire at League of Geeks in 2014 now the team is 35% women The video game industry has definitely identified the gender mbalance problem she says They've accepted it and taken it on board and want to improve it Code Breakers is at ACMI until November 5 Play the games online at acminetau-Chloe Walker Careers with Cade 29 Code CODE BITCH Meme

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