Ari Drennen Follow @AriDrennen Remember the story about a Starbucks employee writing pig on a coffee order for police officers? The employee who did it was friends with the cops but they complained later and got the trans woman who was her manager fired DOGAD tem 4 of 4 tems in order 5 PIG It Hot Choc Fired Starbucks manager Lola Rose considering lawsuit over 'Pl The Starbucks manager who was fired when a cop at her shop received an order labeled PIG is considering suing the coffee giant for making her nypostcom 550 PM - 9 Dec 2019 from Washington DC 12231 Retweets 34062 Likes Ari Drennen Follow @AriDrennen A lot of times transphobia isn't overt It's not bigotry in your face It's a shifting of expectations a hyper focus on your other perceived faults a sudden lack of tolerance for mistakes or room for understanding Suddenly you don't get the benefit of the doubt 553 PM - 9 Dec 2019 from Washington DC 687 Retweets 4688 Likes Ari Drennen Follow @AriDrennen This blew up so I want to share what appears to be Lola's GoFundMe Help her out if you can! DOGAP tem 4 of 4 tems in order 5 PIG t Hot Choc Click here to support Starbucks terminated me with no cause or Lola Rose Starbucks terminated me with no cause My name is Lola Mae Rose I'm from Tulsa county Oklahoma and this is my story ON NOVE gofundmecom 948 AM - 10 Dec 2019 474 Retweets 1472 Likes gahdamnpunk “Rose who is a transgender college student said she had always wanted to work for Starbucks because of how they treat employees” Corporations are not your friends and the police were indeed pigs The fundraiser Meme

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