ART AFTER LEARNING LEARNING THE MASTERS DEAD WHITE GUYS COMICS WHITE WHIT WHITE WH WHITE WHIT HOW TO DRAW HE MARVEL WAY ART AFTER NLEARNING WHAT ABOUT ME? oS LU joshualunacreations From an early age Asian artists are taught to erase ourselves and other people of color But self-love puts us back in the picture It’s easy to beat ourselves up for centeringprivileging whiteness—which I’ve done in my previous works But it’s not mutually exclusive to be proud of those works and still recognize our failings and limitations that we need to work on It’s not wholly incumbent on creators of color to dismantle racist institutions on our own the responsibility lies primarily with the white people who built them but we can and should do our best to push back on these systems whenever possible Please don’t repost or edit my work Reblogs are always appreciated Meme

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