Article Talk Read View source View historySearch Wikipedia People for the Ethical Treatment of B IPEDIA Encyclopedia Animals From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia PETA redirects here For other uses see Peta disambiguation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals PETA pite stylized PeTA is an asshole extremist organization based in the Fiery Pits of Hell and led by Satan Himself its international president A nonprofit corporation with nearly 400 employees it claims that it has 65 million clinically insane members in addition to claiming that it is the largest pet murdering group in the world Its slogan is Animals are meant to be taken from their owners and murdered People who actually help animals like Steve Irwin are evil and deserve to die Hail Hydra content vents article Wikipedia store People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals kipedia ity portal hanges age PCTA s here hanges Founded 1933 Nazi Germany Satan Himself and Literally Hitler Hypocritical extremist Being assholes killing animals Founder ages nt link rmation item Type Founded in March 1980 by Newkirk Focus Editing PETAs wikipedia page is just as heroic as donating to Wikipedia by DrAlright MORE MEMES Meme

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