as he was going up by th d little children out of the cit of the cit him Go And he turned back and la d cursed d there came forth two she d go up thou bald head And he the in the name and said unto ood and tore forty and two 25And he went from thence to m thence he returned t CHAPTER reign over Israel in Sam teenth year of Jehoshaphat ki reigned twelve years ow Jehoram the son of And he wrought evil in LORD mother for he put away the i his father had made but not like his fath Nevertheless he cleaved Jeroboam the son of Nebat to sin he departed not there And Mesha king of Mo master and rendered unto an hundred thousand lamb thousand rams with the wo But it came to pass whe that the king of Moab rebell of Israel And king Jehoram went same time and numbered And he went and sent king of judah saying The rebelled against me wilt gainst Moab to battle? Ar up I am as thou art my p and my horses as thy horse And he said Which w And he answered The w derness of Edom THE CHILDREN DES TROYED BY BEARS As he Elishal was going up by the way there came forth little children out of the him and said unto him Go up thou bald head And he cursea So the king of Israel w ludah and the king of Ede a compass of seven days was no water for the ho that followed them And there came forth two she-bears out of the wood and tore forty it ofthe name wthem Meme

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