As I get older red flags aren't red flags anymore they're deal breakers AMUSTFOLLOW❤️IG@SILENTLYSPOKENPROJECT ____________________________________________ The best DATING ADVICE I can give any Queen or King is DO NOT IGNORE THE SIGNS of course BUT!!! Don't falsely convict an innocent person because you have an impaired perspective courtesy of your PAST! Accept people for who they are but never let who someone is distort your judgment as to what you're deserving of If a newcomer can't LOVE YOU ON YOUR TERMS let it be known YOU'D LOVE TO WATCH THEM LEAVE💯 ____________________________________________ STOPWHATYOUREDOINGRIGHTNOW For QUOTES-MESSAGES about LIFE & LOVE Follow the REALEST+FASTEST GROWING IG PAGE ever @SILENTLYSPOKENPROJECT ‼️‼️‼️ ____________________________________________ LIKE➕COMMENT➕TAG OTHERS➕SHARE➕FOLLOW⬇️ FollowTheONLYSilentlySpokenProject ➕FOLLOWIG@SilentlySpokenProject ➕FOLLOWIG@SilentlySpokenProject ➕FOLLOWIG@SilentlySpokenProject ____________________________________________ ITSAMANSJOBTOFINDHISQUEEN💯 REMAINSINGLEUNTILUKNOITSREAL HAPPILYAFTERONEDAY OLDSCHOOLLOVE YOUDESERVEBETTER GOODGUYSTILLEXIST WEALLHAVEACHOICETOMAKE EXCUSESNOTSOLDHERESORRY EXCUSESNOTSOLDORACCEPTED ITTAKESCOURAGETOLOVE ITTAKESCOURAGETOLOVEAGAIN SWYD AMANWHOACTUALLYGETSIT FAITHFILLEDROMANTIC FORHER SILENTLYSPOKENFROMTHEHEART SILENTLYSPOKENPROJECT SSP THEONLYSSP LOVEQUOTES FOLLOWIGSilentlySpokenProject MRISAYWHATOTHERSWONT ITELLTHETRUTHNOTYOURTRUTH Meme

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