As Yahoo and its assets have been chopped up and reformed by Verizon neé Oath there's been speculation around the possible sale of Tumblr-informed by high-level exits within the company and finally confirmed by Verizon itself this may when it announced the site was up for auction Beyond financial turmoil Tumblr was pulled from the Apple App Store briefly last year as it worked to combat child pornography hosted on the platform an ordeal that led to a new and wildly unpopular site policy banning adult content of all stripes Matt Mullenweg CEO of Automattic Inc told the Journal he intends to uphold the adult content ban and explore ways to integrate Tumblr and Wordpress Neither of those statements is likely to be received well by veteran users of Tumblr Tumblr its technologies and its 200 or so employees are being sold to Automattic for an undisclosed amount We've reached out to both parties for additional details and will update if they become available SHARE THIS STORY f httpsgizmodocom feniczoroark goopy-amethyst montydragon x oh fucking boy Oh lookThe banThe ban that made tumblr lose moneyThat banThe ban they want to upholdThe ban that specifically makes them lose moneyThe money loss ban Thanks mate you made me spit out my coffee through my nose Meme

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