ask-galows-callbrator onlytone1me LET ME TELL YOU A STORY So I cosplayed as Orochimaru my friend was Tsunade my other friend was Jralya and my other friend was Agent Coulson We decided to stop at Mejer for some goodies and were roaming the produce section when Iheard the words sannin I looked over and this guy was geeking out to his coworkers who had no ides what he was so excited about You don't understand! You dont understand k's the three sannin! ts al of them Here! You don't understand how awesome this is I cant believe e r's the three sanin You dont understand Were some of the things he kept saying I grinned and went over there and he was so happy and I asked a friend to take a picture of me next to him and then he had a friend take his picture with al of us Now look at his face THAT FACE He was so happyThat is the face of ultimate happiness right there and it made my day THIS IS SO CUTE IDONT CARE IF YOU ARE IN THE NARUTO FANDOM OR NOT IF YOU ARE A COSPLAYER REMEMBER THIS S A REALLY DAMN GOOD REASON TO KEEP COSPLAYING He's so happy this is adorable For the Naruto fans Meme

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