ask-oncies-IIzZ got a really good idea for a d&d character i'll never get to use mr-speedwagon You can't say that and not share your idea ask-Oncies-IIZZ its a talking horse you'd think this'd come with some kind of magical backstory about getting turned into one but turns out they were just born that way you find out their mother was a centaur their fauther is a horse-headed minotaur and they have a sister who's a perfectly normal human they're a roguethief because nobody ever suspects a horse as the culprit ask-oncies-IIzZ youre an orc guard in a fully garrisoned and protected fortress 2 miles into a mountain you're standing post and suddenly you hear a knock outside the door you know you're not authorized to move from your post but your curiosity overtakes you and you open the door a horse is standing there as your brain races to think of some explanation for the sudden and unexpected presence of this horse it leans in and whispers no one will ever believe you how many points to intimidation is this worth Meme

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