At Manhattan ACC waiting for U! Jupiter 64234 4 years old 61 lbs SPECKLED BEAUTY IN NEED- Seeks attention Delicious and affection tail waggy During her assessment she was highly social with a soft body Don't pity a shelter dog Adopt one TO BE KILLED - 6132019 Feast your eyes on this delicious chocolate chip Jupiter! A young super friendly and easy girl with an unforgettable face! This big brown eyed girl is a nuzzler and a cuddler Described as soft bodied leans in with a wagging tail and jump up greets When not near people you'll find her with a tail tucked and calm disposition If her freckled face doesn't woo then her supersized smile shall! She is completely adorable and well versed in making friends Jupiter has so much to offer a fabulous home a long life to devote unconditional love to a happy disposition and open heart and a true desire to connect wrapped in the most sweet looking package Please message this page if you would like to save her JUPITER@MANHATTAN ACC Hello my name is Jupiter My animal id is #64234 I am a female black dog at the Manhattan Animal Care Center The shelter thinks I am about 4 years old 61 lbs Came into shelter as a agency May 28 2019 Jupiter is rescue only Meme

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