at Patrick S Tomlinson Follow @stealthygeek You watched a generation grow up ona diet of Harry Potter Hunger Games and Marvel movies you stripped away their hope their jobs their futures and then backed the most cartoonish super-villain in history for President and you're shocked the children are fighting back? 930 PM-20 Feb 2018 5374 Retweets 14995 Likes 190 1 54K 15K Tweet your reply Patrick S Tomlinson@stealthygeek Feb 20 Really? You followed the damned script to a T You pumped up millions of kids for two decades to believe they and their friends could make a difference Then you thrust them all into a dystopian nightmare of violence and persecution And NOW you're shocked they're all Katniss? 24 tl 796 34K Patrick S Tomlinson@stealthygeek Feb 20 Get them children Leave no one standing 42tl 618 34K abitofabadassbookworm afterlifecrisis djfunko luidilovins I will reblog this until you’re all sick of me I will never grow sick of this Just hope they go out and vote I love this Meme

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