AT&T 100 AM Today 1217 AM How does one smell of laughter Today 1238 AM You'll have to smell me to find out That's the least sexy text I've gotten in a while I can do worse just give me some time Please do I did ask for my life to be ruined I'm just obeying your orders mistress Oof there's another close one You haven't even seen a tiny fraction of my power yet *tips fedora* Holy fuck never do that I regret everything I didn't even get to mention my brand new camo cargo shorts See now there's a turn on I have matching camo crocs that I wear with crew socks Brb melting Can you handle my Velcro wallet? How big is your Velcro wallet Big enough to hold my allowance and a Chuck E Cheese gift card That's so hot I'll have to check if my rooted android phone can even hold your phone number There's a lot of hentai on there Lmao Imk if u can spare the tentacle porn for me I've got room for one more number but I had to delete a few thousand episodes of naruto Sent That's really the ultimate sacrifice I appreciate that GIF Type a message Send Don’t let Reddit tell you that being a nice guy is a disadvantage Meme

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