AT&T 251 PM Tweet LibertariRynn @Libertarirynn 6m Imagine being a grown ass man who can't distinguish fiction from reality and thinks a bunch people scared to death of guns will be the leaders of a violent revolution 91 Patrick S Tomlinson @stealthygeek Replying to @Libertarirynn Imagine having such poor reading comprehension that you read the above tweets and honestly believed they contained anything you just said Actually you don't have to imagine 22518 249 PM Tweet your reply AT&T 252 PM * 62% Tweet LibertariRynn @Libertarirynn11mv emmaubler libertarirynn AHAHAHAHAHAHA eeeeeeee ッツクI think my eyes just rolled out of my head If tmblrco ZJ_3Pu2VX7Z-Z 91 부부부부 Patrick S Tomlinson @stealthygeek Replying to @Libertarirynın No one cares 22518 249 PM <p>Apparently it really burns him up that some random girl on Twitter disagrees with him We have achieved maximum butthurt! 😂😂😂<p> Meme

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