AT&T 450 AM polygonfighter Hey what the fuck happened to all the net neutrality coverage This shit is still happening people and all of the sudden its disappeared from my dash almost entirely over night eykonto I don't know why but I think people are automatically being unfollowed from the Net Neutrality tag It happens to me every time l try to follow it I'll follow the tag come back 20 minutes later & I'll for some reason have unfollowed the tag automatically I think this may be happening to a majority of people in an attempt to silence the resistance Please take a screen shot of this post in case it gets deleted polygonfighter hey yeah can yall reblog this cause this is very important Tumblr is ACTIVELY trying to silence out outrage at this by making us incapable of seeing coverage of events We're all gonna have to come together and step up about this Every little note counts spread the word dont give in so easily AT&T 450 AM polygonfighter I just checked this and i can CONFIRM that tumblr AUTOMATICALLY MAKES YOU UNFOLLOW THE NET NEUTRALITY TAGS AFTER 20 MINUTES Please spread the word! Screen shot this post just in case it gets deleted!! bristlee1 There is a reason that happens Tumblr is OWNED by Verizon who is a leader in throwing money at getting rid of Net Neutrality They have spent literally millions to bring it down so that they can charge you more slow down your internet and block you from sites they do not deem appropriate Keep sending in letters emails and making phone calls IF you post about it ADD links for FS! What is Net Neutrality click here X How to fight back doing NOTHING is not an option httpswwwbattleforthenetcom httpactfreepressnetsigninternet_lifeline_fcc? source-website action%3Fsource%3Dwebsite actio ns httpswwwacluorgissuesfree-speechdont- dismantle-net-neutrality httpspetitionswhitehousegovpetitiondo-not- repeal-net-neutrality Tumblr automatically makes you unfollow the net neutrality tags after 20 minutes x-post rnetneutrality Meme

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