AT&T 4 732 PM 34% LTE LOOKING Pinned by Cowbelly CB Cowbelly 1 year ago Lotsa folks seem to think this video is Straight-up hentai This video is anti-hentai It is also anti- addiction Not a big stretch to say it's anti-otaku either This video is art Art with a message After the first 2 minutes it should be obvious even to non-speakers of Japanese that those bdre-naked ladies are NOT the good guys Their leader crushes his skull between her tits Then she Pukes in his mouth eats his body from the chest down and kidnaps his girlfriend She literally and figuratively tears apart ouY hero's life and bis relationshiPs In truth she is purely symbolic His Watched the me!me!me! Video then went to meme stealer and this glitch happened It was amusing Meme

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