AT&T LTE 0929 Overview BEST DISPLAY FULL POST IV Dog-lovers base their whole case on these commonplace servile and plebeian qualities and amusingly judge the intelligence of a pet by its degree of conformity to their own wishes Catlovers escape this delusion repudiate the idea that cringing subservience and sidling companionship to man are supreme merits and stand free to worship aristocratic independence self-respect and individual personality joined to extreme grace and beauty as typified by the cool lithe cynical and unconquered lord of the housetops The dog barks and begs and tumbles to amuse you when you crack the whip Ihat pleases a meekness- loving peasant who relishes a stimulus to his sense of importance The cat on the other hand charms you into playing for its benefit when it wishes to be amused making you rush about the room with a paper on a string when it feels like exercise but refusing all your attempts to make it play when it is not in the humour And just as inferior people prefer the inferior animal which scampers excitedly because somebody else wants something so do superior people respect the superior animal which lives its own life and knows that the puerile stick- throwings of alien bipeds are none of its business and beneath its notice neverbeen1 2w A response to a comment of mine that basically said I’m more of a dog person Meme

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