AT&T LTE 105 AM KMessages iPhone repair Details s this Jonathan the iPhone Yes thanks for contacting me! My phone has a huge crack in it I need it fixed as soon as possible Sure Do you know what generation iPhone it is? Do you have the parts? I don't have the parts is that ok? Sure no problem! But as my ad says I'lI have to charge you for them That's fine I'm hoping you can fx this thing I'm actually contacting you from a friend's phone because the crack is so bad that I can't even read texts on the screen Must be a pretty bad one! We'll get it fixed though What generation iPhone do you have? I don't really know I can send you a photo of the phone will that work? Great I'm sure I'll be able to recognize it As you can see theres a massive crack on the scree I'm hoping you'll be able to fix it Fucking teenagers Actually I'm 46 That's sad dude <p>Unusually tall meme via rmemes <a href=httpsifttt2KAHTNv>httpsifttt2KAHTNv<a><p> Meme

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