AT&T LTE 538 PM Autumn Mizer 6 hrs When I was 17 I went to Planned Parenthood I had no money or insurance I was living on my own and couldn't even afford tampons They gave me a long lasting birth control that still works today and stopped my period They didn't charge me When I was 21 just 2 months ago I left UC after being told there was a high chance I had late term cervical cancer Every place I tried to go to wanted to charge me up to $1000 for testing I went to planned parenthood Being in a bigger city now they had to escort me in the building while protesters screamed I was a murdering bitch They threw stuff at the building Insulted us And I was there for a cervical exam I had to be buzzed in through 4 separate doors All this because they can't go a day without getting a shooting or bomb threat The real kicker this PP didn't even preform abortions Because of PP they were able to find I didn't hav cancer I had an internal infection that was spreading through my body and would kill me They didn't charge me for the tests and then took care of 90% of the expenses so I could see the correct doctor and get the medication I needed They saved my life But Planned parenthood is so evil? This is what taxes pay for Helping women get care when they can't afford it It's always been illegal to pay for abortion with taxes Meme

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