AT&T LTE 825 PM Brittani Johnson Saturday at 907 AM S I found your dog this morning He was skinny and old and his hair was matted But I could tell under it all he was a beautiful German Shepard He might've been really pretty when he was younger and with a full belly I don't know why he wasn't in your backyard and I don't know why he didn't have a collar or a microchip He was sitting up on the white striped line in the middle of a busy north Texas interstate I didn't see him get hit butl know he was The cars weren't slowing down and they weren't moving over so I drove across the median andI blocked the right lane with my flashers on When I stepped out of the pickup your dog reached his long nose out to sniff me He was scared but he was kind I wrapped my jacket around him and I hoisted that dog that should've weighed over 100 pounds into the bed of my truck in one swift motion He had an accident in the bed of my pickup I knew that was bad but I hoped anyway Your dog made me late for work Over an hour late I had to take him to the clinic But don't worry since you couldn't be there I held his head in my lap and whispered in his ear when he stopped breathing I didn't cry until I got back in my pickup he was scared enough without me being dramatic Since you couldn't be there I made sure your dog knew someone loved him in the end Write a comment GIF I’m not crying you are 😰 httpstcoJhrJkNM09d Meme

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