AT&T LTE 922 AM 94% Search He wasn't guilty and millions were spent by the left to try and convict him Continuation of Obama - are you kidding me! Horrible economy under Obama and great under Trump check the stats Obama oversaw Bengazi the corruption by the dems including Hillary and the gang the corrupt IRS the growth of ISS throughout the world lie after lie about the failed Obama Care spying on Trump's campaign and on and on and on You don't like Trump so be it but there has never been a more narcissistic President than Obama NEVER!One final thought I am a Christian and Obama despised us Also he despised Israel which has no greater friend than Trump which gives me great joy Best wishes to you in all you do though clearly we are in total disagreement on these matters and I will not comment further OWrite a comment GIFI All I did was mention Barr’s press conference yesterday and my curiosity if why it was before the release of the mueller report Meme

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