At the end of the day on 25 another student put his arm around his neck and had a pair of scissors next to his throat He went over to said don't make me do this CIRCLE MinorMajor Grade3 Datemes Student Nam Referred By Te Action Taken By Staff Time Out Parent Notification SST Referral Extra Assignments Loss of Privilege Office Referral Conference with Administrator Major Lunch Detention Oth r Other After School Detention On Date Possession of weapon or look-alike Possession of alcoholdrugs or look-alike Endangering Safety Other Disruption Threatening Bullying HarassmentIntimidation Area of Concern Swearing Disrespect Disobedience Physical Aggression Vandalism Theft Brief Description of the Situation werit Rren auith pein Dnt ehe At he end ef Hu lent put a n li meeh ad Lad He aael ds ecessers net his theat Substitute Other Teacher None Others Involved Staff Peers Found this gem from when I almost died in third grade Meme

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