AT&TS 914 PM @ * 75% - daniel6460 Your hot as fuck girl Dam not gunna even reply Thanks You welcome baby girl Ok You sex chat? Sorry if I made you mad Sure! But only if we can role play! Ok we carn Good leads u to my room Write a message AT&T 914 PM daniel6460 kises you long and hard *kisses back You like that baby girl? takes off your cloths knock on door* but wait I want to bring in my friend is that okay??!! MmMm get hard just thinkin about it blindfolds you then brings my friend in* friend slowly kisses you* kises back* Would you like to take your blindfold off now?? Yes baby Write a message AT&T 914 PM * 75% daniel6460 Okay *removes blindfold This is my friend shrek Wat Double tap to like Shrek screams WHAT R U DOIN IN MY SWAMP Write a message AT&T 916 PM * 75% daniel6460 O Reply Bitch Damn your not going to even reply??? Write a message I love the Internet Meme

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