Atheist Wins Right to Wear Religious Pasta Strainer in ID Photo July 14 2011 900 responses -830 am PDT f Recommend 9k Austrian atheist Niko Alm supports the Church of the Flying Spachetti Monster a joke religion conjured up by atheists who say their make believe stories are no better or worse than any traditional church's In 2008 to make a point about his faith's sanctity compared to others Alm asked to wear a pasta strainer on his head for his driver's license photo Austrian citizens are only allowed towear headgear in state IDs for religious purposes so that a colander is his religious headgear Alm a Spaghetti Monster pastafarian argued making him This week after avoiding Alm for three years and even submit to a psychiatric examination the Austrian government caved Alm now has a valid Austrian drivers license complete with colander Meme

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