atmnleaves-andpoetry Just so you know It's okay if you sleep in till noon It's cool if you stay up till 3 AM If you have left over pizza for breakfast more power to you It's okay if you aren't hitting the gym every day or at all It's great if you are just taking 15 minutes to get your heart rate up Being healthy is subjective Healthy smoothie bowls for breakfast and getting up at 5 AM is great too but maybe not for everyone Maybe not in everyone's budget or schedule because one pizza lasts 3 meals where blue berries and bananas last one and some of us like staying up into the deepest parts of the night because no one bothers you at 3 AM There is a sort of culture that makes being healthy seem so insane it feels out of reach ie going to the gym every morning at 5 AM crazy dieting fancy waters and insane skin care routines often times making ones schedule and life feel wrong but being healthy can just mean going for a walk a couple times a week moving around a little more and cutting out a couple foods And also and most importantly doing what makes you happy If staying up late playing your favorite game brings you joy- do it Buy pizza for your friends and stay up watching comedy specials The sunrise isn't for everyone and neither is the gym just have fun and do you 216 notes Being healthy is subjective Meme

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