au where there are waffle houses in washington state apparantly i DEMAND waffle house equality ao3tagoftheday rainydaysrnevergrey rainydaysrnevergrey fullyfunctioningtrainwreck rainydaysrnevergrey ao3tagoftheday ao3tagoftheday Image Description Tags reading “au where there are waffle houses in washington state apparently I DEMAND waffle house equality” The AO3 Tag of the Day is A god-tier political position Dark Washington State show me the forbidden Waffle House @ao3tagoftheday well i might just live in a parallell universe because the notes on this also claim there’s no cracker barell but… i live near one of those too so… idk WHAT??? I’m deeply invested in this mystery Are you in a parallel universe or is there a forbidden town out here somewhere? oh yeah did i not tell you? i’m a princess from a secret island of the coast of washington we have cracker barell and dunkin donights and waffle houses also no trump and the dark theme doesnt happen there so if you visit come say hi to princess rainydaysrnevergrey i guess FINE HERE’S THE PICKS! Well folks I guess we’ve solved the mystery! Meme

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