aulym UST The Special Olympics make no sense The Olympics are for the best athletes in the world to compete against each other to determine who is the best Having retards competing is doing the opposite! Like Reply 5 18 hrs Arnold Schwarzenegger As stupid and evil as this comment is I'm not going to delete it or ban you yet because it's a teachable moment You have two possible paths ahead Right now I guarantee you that these athletes have more courage compassion brains skill-_ actually more of every positive human quality than you So take their path you could leann from them and try to challenge yourself to give back to add something from the world Or you can stay on your path and keep being a sad pitiful jealous internet troll who adds nothing to the world but mocks anyone who does out of small-minded jealousy I know what you really want is attention so let me be clear If you choose to keep going this way no one will ever remember you Like Reply 155 4 hrs Oldie but goodie from their Terminator Meme

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