Ava Ex Machina @silicondomme Remember as you say punch nazis WWIl resistance heroes also smuggled and hid refugees deleted refugee data lied to cops broke the law 92017 330 PM queeranarchism hungry-hungry-hobbit scipiolyoko Hid art Made graffiti smuggled out kids hid people preserved knowledge and kept the truth out of the lies Not everyone is built to be a fighter And that’s okay A war isn’t won by the infantry alone We need support in this trying time as the great beast called Facism rises Don’t tolerate intolerance Stay angry Stay together Stay smart resistance heroes also held strategic meetings distributed information raised funds supported arrested comrades supported friends and family of arrested comrades infiltrated the enemy sabotagesorganized strikes distributed misinformation build handmade radios and guns and bombs give medical aid in secret resolve conflicts between hidden refugees and their hosts distributed food and held even more meetings Resistance was and is a lot of different kinds of work People who punch Nazis generally already know that Antifascist networks are doing a lot of things behind the scenes to stop fascists The punching part is just the one that sometimes happens publicly So yeah this tweet is mainly useful for those that see a nazi getting punched and think that’s all anti-fascists do Meme

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