Avengers Endgame alternate ending where Thor gets hold of the gauntlet in the final fight to snap instead of Tony and when he snaps he doesn't just wipe out Thanos' army With that agonizing flick of his fingers he brings back all of Asgard and the dead Asgardians as well both those killed by Thanos and by Hela The gauntlet burns and shrivels his arm in the process and while he survives he ends up leaving him looking like losing the arm comics!Thor- Also he doesn't dust Thanos but leaves him for Nebula and Gamora to finish off He's had his turn before it's time they get theirs And as he staggers back to his feet Bucky immediately points out that if he's in the market for an arm he knows a gal The effect of Thanos' forces turning to ash is easy enough to observe but Thor doesn't know if his snap worked to bring Asgard back as well until he looks up and warily calls out Heimdall's name And the bifrost opens He smiles to his companions then takes the bridge back to the newly restored realm eternal His friends are all there on the bridge waiting for him and through the crowd a familiar lean figure steps forward smirking I told you the sun would shine on us again Loki remarks before Thor crushes the breath out of him in an embrace The king is returned And the sun shines on Asgard in the dawn of a new age How Endgame should have ended Meme

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