avi-burton-writing every writing tip article and their mother dont ever use adverbs ever! me shoveling more adverbs onto the page because i do what i want just you fucking try and stop me quarterOmaster May I add something because I will never shut up about this book Writing Tools by Roy Peter Clark To understand the difference between a good adverb and a bad adverb consider these two sentences She smiled happily andShe smiled sadly Which one works best? The first seems weak because smiled contains the meaning of happily On the other hand sadly changes the meaning na adveni pilye rhe n the Remember the song Killing Me Softly? Good adverb How about Killing Me Fiercely? Bad adverb 0D Look also for weak verb-adverb combi- nations that you can revise with stronger verbs She went quickly down the stairs can become She dashed down the stairs He lis- tened surreptitiously can become He eaves- dropped Give vourself a choice jackironsides Finally some good fucking advice Adverbs Meme

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