avilociraptor lordkingsmith nursary elevenacres Harvey Ball- creator of The Smiley Face he looks like hes seen the devil with his own two eyes! good for him my friend he was in world war two became a brigadier general after over 27 years of dedicated service and then went into a life insurance company and worked there for several years yes he saw the devil yes he spat in his face yes he made the universal “cheer up it’s not all bad” symbol because oh man he’d know best Harvey Ball was similar in demeanor to Mr Rogers He also started an organization to promote kindness as a pushback against the commercialization of his art and support smaller grassroots organizations that are usually overlooked and underfundedhttpswwwworldsmileorgusing-joomlaextensionscomponentscontent-componentarticle-categories143-our-visionOur Vision Meme

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