Awaking from a coma one day Rick Grains found himseltf in a world where the dead had risen like dough and the streets ran red with jam Joining a rag-tag group of survivors -including a man whose severed arm had been replaced with a cake slice-Rick took on the hordes of walkers each more delicious than the last The Walking Bread is Rick's edible adventure Including killer recipes such as Dale's Tear 'n' Share Michonne's Pet Food and The Governor's Eye Pops t is the ultimate tantalising tribute tor hard-core fans both living and un dead This book has no connection with The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman or AMC Ba king Ba d wwworionbookscouk ISBN 978-1-4091-6604-7 9781409 166047 SCONES NON-FICTION UuK £999 us $1799 CAN $1999 Cover design and image O Rick Grains don't bread open inside wait a minute Meme

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