Af, Bad, and Children: Awkward teen
 Poot Wilder
 Who is he
 lies about his age
 "he will never have a girlfriend"
 young but already miserable
 awful fashion taste
 looks unfortunate on almost every pic
 -bad haircut but good eyebrows
 wears a lot of leather
 plays piano
 is into people twice his age
 tired of ya shit
 judges people constantly
 - has 0 friends
 internet gangster
 - little asshole fuck him
 "puberty done right"
 - wears sun glasses even when it rains
 -poses when pics are taken of him
 outstandingly photogenic
 better than u
 Who is he 2.0
 White dad
 spends weekends
 - still uses facebook
 "i was born in the wrong generation" visits his hairdresser twice a year - is hot
 cuts people outta his life constantly - hipster
 responsible life choices
 without trying
 dad aesthetics
 the oldest in the squad
 part time alcoholic
 - bad life choices
 penly shares political views
 - does all the work in a group project
 -strong and independent
 failed relationships
 broke af
 someone help him
 hates children
 can't wait 2 quit work
 - atheist
 and get his pension
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