Aww MAN I WAS JUST ABOUT TO GO ON MY FIRST DATE! 3 Many sharks like this poor porbeagle take more than a decade to reach sexual maturity Sharks take a long time to reach full-maturity it's believed the Greenland shark for instance doesn't mate until it's 150! Once they start mating the don't produce very much offspring either This is one of the reasons why sharks are in such danger of extinction In my new article for @mothernaturenetwork link in bio you can read about how sharks are disappearing and you can help them It's surprisingly optimistic! 🦈 🌊 πŸ’™ sharkweek sharks fishing fish sharkfishing overfishing sharkweek2017 porbeagle dating fishingtournament gameoverfishing aquarium endangeredspecies nature comic webcomic dailycomic comicstrip ocean conservation extinction beach vacation sportfishing boating outdoors @sharkeducation @sharksdaily @sharkweek @shark_explorers @discoversharks @discoverocean @oceana @oceanalliance @seattleaquarium @oceanconservancy @keiko_conservation @nakaweproject @shark_specialist_group @iucn @projectaware Meme

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