AZ 266 points 5 hours ago I thought it was just the one chick the grad student permalink embed save deport give award reply SALT CREW 182 points 4 hours ago She certainly wants you to think so permalink embed save parent deport give award reply -1 I read how many lines of code that guy wrote and apparently she's getting all the glory? That seems unfair permalink embed save parent deport give award reply 131 points 4 hours ago SALT CREW 111 points 4 hours ago She wrote the algorithm Yay her l'm sure it was extremely difficult and I know I couldn't do it She deserves credit for that I do not believe she deserves to be the face of the entire operation just for that contribution however permalink embed save parent deport give award reply 180 points 3 hours ago She wrote an adapter that took a piece of code from the main program altered it and then placed it back in Her commits are comprised of changing fonts and colors She had 2500 lines of code written in 3 years and the one guy alone had 850000 lines of code written She absolutely did NOT write the algorithm It's a fucking computer simulation of what a black hole COULD look like Not to mention all of this shit was created originally by the Japanese team back in 2012 The reason the media is giving her credit is because she's Jewish and female Period That entire fucking picture of men are WHITE Do you seriously think they'd give one shit if a white man created something amazing? White men create amazing shit every day and no one talks about it The news HATES white men because white men created the only country on this planet that Marxists cannot destroy overnight like they have every other country It's propaganda and it's intellectually dishonest permalink embed save parent deport give award reply On the scientist who lead the project to get the image of the black hole Meme

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