B @Asdis 7h Teflon_Boss A rare picture depicting the day to day life of our brothers in the friend zone pictwittercomIALHZqRSGB t구 42 yournewfriendshouse zinglebert-bembledack agoodcartoon digitaldiscipline magistrate-of-mediocrity dr-archeville bogleech kramergate micspam ghostsnif sciencevevo agoodcartoon Guys who complain about the friendzone often don’t care about their female friends’ personal boundaries forcing their female friends build more walls up A good cartoon - submitted by Gene why is he tearing down a wall with an axe i hate it when your put in the friendzone and made to tear down a wall Mr Gorbachev…tear down this friendzone how you gonna draw some shit that makes you look like Jack Nicholson in The Shining and still feel like you’re the victim I DON’T *CHOP* UNDERSTAND *CHOP* WHY *CHOP* YOU CAN’T *CHOP* JUST *CHOP* LET ME *CHOP* BONE YOU *CHOP* ON AN INDEFINITE *CHOP* EXCLUSIVE *CHOP* BASIS *CHOP* WHEN *CHOP* I’M *CHOP* SO *CHOP* NIIIIIIIIIIIICE *CHOP* “I’m going to wall you up now Fortunato” “Ha ha and then what? ” “For the love of God Montresor!”-Cask of Amontifriendzone Edgar Allan Poe Incessantly I heard a smacking as of some entitled dipshit whackingwhacking on my chamber door Resignedly I placed another layervoicing a quiet repeated prayer“This dude thinks he’s a playerbut I am not a point to scorehe should fuck off and bother me no more” Quoth the friendzoned “Fucking whore” - The Craven by Edward Allen Bro edgar allen bro Oh my god holy shit Meme

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