b-ulous the worst part about the stereotype that young people are lazy is that it makes so much of our work seem invalid i know so many kids who have 6+ hours of homework a day do sportsextracurricular activities have jobs get less than 5 hours of sleep a night from studying and still get dismissed as being lazy just cause their room isn't clean I managed to get 80% in my English Literature exam but I'm annoyed because it isn't as high as I wanted it to be and I only got 2-8 on he last question Nevertheless I got 29-30 on one of them so I'm happy about that I also got 23-30 on my biology exam which I'm happy with because the highest in the class was 24 and the country's average was 10 I also got 30-40 on my Spanish reading exam - which equated to an A* - so I'm really happy about that But I'm nervous for my listening exam because I'm not very good at those Overall im quite proud of my results - especially biology because I thought I was going to do awfully in it -Chance Meme

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