babydollbucky: thegreynightsky: diaryofakanemem: Have you ever seen a violinist going APESHIT?! Be sure to check out IAmDSharp! GO OFFF Ok so I’ve been playing for 18 years and i’m a string teacher. Can i just say how IMPORTANT it is for young kids to see a BLACK, MALE-PRESENTING PERSON playing, nae, SHREDDING on a violin? I’ve know maybe 5 black people who played stringed instruments throughout my schooling and teaching (predumably because i’m an upper middle class white woman). In districts where the population is predominantly black, funding is always low, so the instruments are crappy. Kids quit, or the program is dismantled. I’ve seen very few professional string players who are black. Obviously there are black string players. We just don’t see them because they “don’t look like” string players. This person is the real deal. They were clearly classically trained, and seems to have some fiddle training as well. How cool is that?