Background story I met some random kid that wants to give away free csg skins for a special event which invites me to a discord chat Me Hello! Scammer yo! Me What's up? Why send me messages on discord? Scammer I LOGGED YOUR IP ADDRESS Me Um ok? Scammer Im not joking Listen don't unadd Don't block I just need a knife Me Logging Ip's eh? Scammer If I boot it's illegal Me I'm pretty sure it's illegal kiddo Scammer Nah don't call me kiddo i'm way older than you Me Based on your name I prefer kiddo Insight His name was pretty immature so I referenced that Scammer Bahaha Look at your profile pic your 12 My pfp was literally a cat Me Go to some other kid to threaten Scammer Okay i'm booting Me WaitCan I see Scammer *Sends random code that can be seen on Command Prompt of a Windows Computer* Scammer That was a diff kid don't make me do it to you proof that you are booting? Me Lmao I'm on a MacBook Pro kiddo Scammer Cool? Doesn't matter? Windows Command Prompt cannot affect mac Me Hah good luck ScammerI was pinging his IP so? Does it matter? No Me *Concludes whole story* Wait a minute thats the Windows 10 cmd prompt window you can't ip boot through there can you? Scammer *literally blocks* users Failed Ip Boot Meme

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