Bad news Timo is hospitalized again His kidney values have never been so high EXTREME high The ultrasound showed that his kidneys are totally destroyed much worse than 7 months ago We are in shock he was doing so well He was very active and looking better every day We knew that he couldn't get better but never thought this would happen so soon complete out of the blue 3 days ago he was running around like a maniac he even climbed in our bonsai tree It felt so good to see him like this Timo needs IV for at least 4 a 5 days days It's so hard to leave him there all alone It breaks our heart Maybe we bring him home for the night and bring him back to the vet for IV during the day But for now it's best to give him 48 hours non-stop IV Within 48 hours we will know if his values are dropping If not it's not looking good If the values drop it will give us a little extra time together Most important is that we will do anything to keep him comfy Please forgive me that i can't answer all your kind comments We are having a very hard time right now Thanks for your love and support Big hug from Timo šŸ’™šŸ¾ Meme

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