bad @vengefulorb bikini bottom is a perfectly functioning socialist society squidward and spongebob are homeowners on minimum wage and sandy an immigrant and woman scientist has near limitless funding for her research 21018 1106 am Victoria Simmonsvicsim 2d Replying to @vengefulorb and @sammyboy1896 you forgot patrick who's unemployed and still able to own a home and buy food 8 t355 5708 BOOMER @rae1d He's living off that welfare check BO 2280山 62 Kitty Hlavacek @nekozawa19901d He is receiving assistance because his low mental capacity keeps him from holding a job Good thing he has a friend like spongebob who looks in on him every day Jord4n @jordanwo0011d Yeah but Patrick gets to live under a rock not the same as the other houses in bikini bottom The assistance could be better 357 Sara @TheFinalSara 1d It's an environmentally friendly home designed specifically for his needs as a starfish 3 t152 2081 Meme

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