Baked AlaskaTM @bakedalaska The Democratic Party defended slavery started the civil war and founded the KKK But you'll never hear that in a history class 10617 604 PM KRANG NELSON @Kr 8m lol you absolutely learn that in history class Baked AlaskaTM @bakedalaska Replying to @KrangTNelson I was home schooled and it was not taught 10617 612 PM lesagashi weavemama O H MY GOD ok but no one is going to talk about the fact that the democratic and republican parties slowly switched platforms between 1860 to 1930 So technically the democrats of the 1860s had views that aligned with republicans of today so the democrats he’s talking about are modern day republicans basically That’s why when people say “republicans freed the slaves” they’re right but they’re omitting something important Meme

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