Balto didn't bust his ass across the Alaskan tundra in 1925 to get those vaccines for dying children for you to send your kids to school without being vaccinated in 2019 space-buns pugbytes your-naked-magic-oh-dear-lord grandpanerd-world your-naked-magic-oh-dear-lord omghotmemes Show some respect people THANK YOU The story of Balto is interesting He led a team of sled dogs across the Alaskan wilderness in the dead of winter with diphtheria antitoxins to stop an outbreak in Nenana Alaska Diphtheria is a deadly infectious disease that could wipe out a third of a town’s population It is mostly unknown to the public today because of vaccines Balto’s body is preserved in the Cleveland Museum of Natural History He’s a big hero of mine! Let’s not forget Togo! Who at 12 years old during the serum run lead his team 200 miles through much more dangerous conditions during the first leg of the journey before Balto ran the last 55-mile stretch Togo and Balto didn’t bust their asses for dying children for you to turn around and not vaccinate your damn kids Meme

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