bananonbinary one of the hardest things to learn as a depressed former Gifted KidTM is that half-assed is better than nothing take the 50% 40 % even 20 % job scrubbing your face is better than not taking a shower at all picking up your clothes is better than never cleaning nibbling on some bread is better than starving DO THINGS HALFWAY NOW YOU'RE 100% BETTER OFF THAN YOU WERE BEFORE redheadhatchet One of my college professors used to say anything worth doing is worth doing poorly I didn't understand that for years because I didn't do anything poorly couldn't do anything poorly I had to Do Everything Perfectly But brushing your teeth for 30 seconds is better than not brushing them at all when that 2 minutes seems exhausting Doing ten minutes of yoga is better than 10 minutes of sitting when 30 minutes of cardio sounds impossible Changing my clothes is good when a whole shower is impossible Standing on the porch for a few minutes is worth it after being in the house for three straight days because I don't have the energy to go anywhere Anything worth doing is worth doing poorlybecause doing it poorly is better than not doing it awesomacious I felt this on a personal level and wanted to share Meme

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