Band kids are the worst though Their into weird things Pshhhhh What? As a musical band nerd l take offense! I was in color guard! I know first hang Hand Dude!! That's where I know you from!! You hit me in the face so damn hard with a pole! I did?! Yeah that's why T remember you so well You're the first person to nearly knock my ass out Wicked was the show I think Yeah wicked was the only year I did it Was it during a show? Or at practice? Did I know that I hit you? I'm so sorry It was every practice!! No way I remember on count three l knew I had to duck because l would Dodge your pole I rehearsed it by myself so many times 12duck4 two three and Lol this is amazing I still have lumps on my noggin GIF Type a message Matched with a guy turns out its not the first time I hit on him Meme

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