bandtshirt jillz @JillyKila Amazon got me fucked up tellin all my business!!! 501 PM11419 Twitter for iPhone LMAO00000000 theblackd4hlia no but seriously one time i ordered something from adam & eve surprise a big ol dildo and the order said discreet shipping and i was like cool ya know cause i lived with three dudes in an apartment and also had to go to the apartment office to pick up my package so discreet is dope and i got the package delivery notification like sick im about to dick myself so i walked my happy horny ass down to the office and told the lady my name and she went into the package delivery room to grab it and it took her a minute and she came out with a dick shaped bag just grasping the shaft of it and i looked at it mortified and had to grab the balls part of the package from the woman and she let go and it just wiggled and i could feel the squish through the bag and it was just horrible anonbuddha If it's any consolation I get it I'm a trans guy who wears a packer One day I was in the restroom and pulled my pants down I realy had to go so l did it fast and the magnet clip came undone and my dick flopped out of my boxers and bounced into the stall next to me The OCCUPIED stall next to me I wanted to die There was this horrible forever silence moments Then the dude just goes Uh you dropped your dick man and nudges it over with his foot i havent laughed this hard in a month via rmemes httpbitly2DXBsD0 Meme

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